The history of our blend masters dates back to the 1900s when coffee was not the beverage we know today.
Over the last century, our personal history with coffee has evolved as much as the beverage itself.

C. Krishnaiah Chetty

30/12/1918 - 04/10/1969

The late C. Krishniah Chetty, born in 1918, was a businessman from a family of jewellers. Having stepped aside from the traditional family business, he began roasting and selling quality coffee powder back in 1948. Along with his eldest son Cothas K Prakas (formerly known as C K Prakash) they partnered with the second son C K Rahunath to form Cotha’s Coffee Service in 1967 where they mastered the art of roasting, brewing, grinding and more.

Cothas K Prakas

06/05/1945 - 23/01/2020

With the death of the founder in 1969, the mantle for running the business was handed over to the eldest son, Mr. Cothas K Prakas. With utmost care and precision, he spearheaded the purchase, production and quality of every batch of coffee. A blendmaster who was not only instrumental in developing all the blends that have been the success stories for Cothas Coffee, but also the one who took the brand from humble beginnings. 

Mr. Prakas remained an integral part of Cothas Coffee untill the beginning of 2014.

The beginning of Parampare

Through inspiration came a vision,
a brand formed to honour and celebrate
the true essence of pure coffee!

CP Chandan

Being the son of Cothas K Prakas and harbouring the same love for coffee, Cotha P Chandan (the third generation) joined Cothas Coffee in 1996.  With the liberalisation of the coffee industry and inquisitiveness for various technologies and backed with an engineering degree, latest innovations were introduced for the first time in India in Roasting, grinding, packing and brewing verticals. 

The turn of the century brought in a lot of changes and in 2018, Parampare Coffee was given wings by the father-son duo, post their exit from Cothas Coffee. C P Chandan, along with his father, was instrumental in laying the foundation stones for Parampare, setting up their factory units and ensuring the best quality coffee for their consumers as per their ongoing tradition. 

Post his father’s death in 2020, C P Chandan continues to build the brand and spread his love for coffee all over the country.

Girija Chandan

Girija Chandan, an adherent South Indian Filter Coffee lover, had her way to consume any number of cups a day with her nuptials to Chandan.  Having pursued many trainings and hands-on experimentations, a successful small scale coffee company with “Women Empowerment” as the focus was established in 2014. Managed and run by women, with quality coffee powder under the brand name “Avighna” many discerning consumer’s needs were fulfilled.  The rich learnings from her personal experience in the fields of marketing, promotion and administration are Girija’s contributions to the brand Parampare since 2020.

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